Our Services

At Parkwood Eyecare Associates we specialize in comprehensive eye health and vision evaluations for both children and adults. We invite you to visit our practice to experience the expertise and service you deserve.

Eye Exams

In order to be able to provide you with excellence in eyecare, the doctors and staff at Parkwood Eyecare Associates utilize the latest technology to assist in your care. Our state of the art equipment enables us to better diagnose and treat eye conditions and disease. We have two types of visual field analyzers to help detect glaucoma and other diseases of the retina. We have recently added laser optic nerve fiber analysis, pachymetry, and corneal topography to our practice. Optic nerve fiber layer analysis determines the integrity of the optic nerve fiber layer that transmits visual information to the brain. This is used primarily to diagnose and treat glaucoma. Pachymetry is an ultrasound instrument that allows us to determine the thickness of the cornea. This has recently been determined to be very important in the diagnosis of glaucoma. Corneal topography is a computerized instrument that very precisely measures the shape and curvature of the surface of the cornea. This greatly aids in the fitting of contact lenses and also in the pre and post operative evaluation of the cornea when undergoing laser eye surgery.

Our doctors perform pre and post operative care for laser eye surgery. We are affiliated with TLC Laser Eye Centers, Inc. as well as other laser surgery centers that provide this type of vision correction.


At Parkwood Eyecare Associates we welcome you to visit our optical boutique and choose from the latest in fashion eyewear and sunglasses. We carry both affordable designer and luxury brands. We showcase over 1000 frames of the highest quality and all of our eyewear carry a one year one time guarantee against breakage. If you have a particular style in mind that we do not carry, we can order virtually any style available in the world. We recommend polycarbonate lenses for most people because they are the strongest and lightest lenses available. There are new advances in lens technology occurring almost daily, all of which help to make your eyeglasses lighter, thinner, and more versatile than ever. We are committed to using the most up to date materials available to meet your eyewear needs. We pride ourselves in having the highest quality of optical products and would like to invite you and your entire family to our practice so we can find what fits you best.

Contact Lenses

We carry a wide variety of contact lenses to solve most of our patients’ vision needs. We utilize the most current soft and gas permeable contact lens technology to correct all ranges of prescription including those with astigmatism, presbyopia (bifocals/multifocals) or those “difficult to fit”. There have been many recent advancements in contact lenses. For patients with dry eyes who have been previously unsuccessful with contact lenses, there are many new options available including more breathable and comfortable materials. There are also many more contacts available as a daily disposable than ever before. Our doctors have a great deal of experience in fitting contact lenses and will make every effort to make sure your lenses provide you with clear, comfortable vision. If you are interested in trying contact lenses for the first time, our experienced staff will guide you through the fitting process.

If you are currently a patient of Parkwood Eyecare Associates, and would like to order contacts lenses via our web site, please send a message from our Contact Us page telling us what lenses you need and for which eye, and the quantity desired. We will contact you to let you know if your prescription is still valid and to let you know the current price of the lenses.

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